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Success with SEO Workshops

Successfully manage search engine marketing and SEO! With our SEO workshops, you’ll learn the skills and power of SEO! Enjoy comfortable step by step training and a detailed approach to search engine optimisation. Study with guidance in small groups (max 12 people). Build genuine search engine marketing skills and Master SEO, learn Advanced SEO, or the basic & Essential SEO.

SEO Training in European Cities!

Regardless, if you are a beginner or, have some SEO experience. Both businessesindividuals alike will benefit from updated SEO knowledge & skills. View upcoming European training schedules near you! SEA Europe organises training in various locations in Europe. Enjoy early bird or group discounts for all Training Classes in Europe! Corporate training is available on demand.

Search Engine Academy Europe

The Search Engine Academy (S.E.A.) was established 1999 in Canada. The European (S.E.A.) Academy launched in 2013 with SEO workshops across Europe. For the past twelve years, in person SEO training (in small groups) has proven to be the ideal way to learn advanced search engine marketing! View more about the SEO skills & workshop benefits achieved in our SEO classes.

Miho A. Karlic, Search Engine Academy CEES.E.A. Europe presents a great opportunity to get hands on live education in advanced search engine marketing. Our SEO classes are regularly held in many European cities and in English. You can simply choose and enrol in one of our; Master SEOAdvanced SEO or, Essential SEO classes. If your website is not visible and easily found or, you’re simply struggling with search engines & achieving enough exposure, you can learn how to change this with “SEA Europe” workshops. View Frequently Asked Questions or, Contact Us! Search Engine Academy Europe – “Teaching the Art & Science of SEO”, Miho A. Karlic – Your Master Trainer