We Take Special Care of All Our Students & Class Registrations!

The Search Engine Academy continues to do its primary work updating, planing and organising SEO Classes throughput Europe. Of course, we will update you here with major changes about our classes during this crises. We certainly hope this Covid-19 situation will all be over in the very near future. If you have any question please contact us at anytime.

We feel that we have to use our time wisely, if you would like to know more about Search Engine Academy and its SEO workshops, please let us know as we can arrange a conference call and live presentation of what awaits you at one of our live workshop sessions.

We are constantly working on updating our curriculum with newest and fresh SEO know how and look forward to share them with you in one of next live classes. In the meantime, take a look at what our students say about SEO classes.

Below, two links with updated information on the European situation regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 status