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About Learning SEO at Search Engine Academy Training Locations in Europe

How Do I Pay my Workshop? What Payment Methods Are Available?2016-10-27T10:55:15+02:00

We believe the Easiest payment method is by: Bank Transfer.

Especially, if you are a resident of the E.U. your country is a SEPA member (Single Euro Payments Area).

As of July 2015, all 28 European Union member states are included in “SEPA” and you might want to check how much the bank charges are for such transaction. Euro transfers within EU member states are simplified and cost much less than before! The transaction costs are easily less than other online payment methods.

Otherwise, feel free to pay your workshop by PayPal.

Workshop Prerequisites. What do I need to know before I register for a classroom SEO Workshop at SEA?2016-10-27T10:55:15+02:00

Workshop Prerequisites. What do I need to know before I register for a classroom SEO Workshop at SEA?

Workshop & Class Prerequisites: Besides bringing good will and learning enthusiasm, every applicant should Acknowledge:

  • All Workshops are held in English only!
  • All Workshop Materials are in English!
  • For the Essential Class, you’ll need a basic understanding of how to create a very simple Web page!
  • To get the most benefit out of the Advanced or Master SEO Class, you’ll need to know the basics of search engine marketing!
  • We teach real SEO skills & do Not sell SEO software! However, we do use tools, Search console (former Webmaster tools), analytics, trends, keyword tools, etc.
  • No Recording or Taping during Classes is allowed!

If you have any other question regarding our Workshops, feel free to contact us at anytime.

Do you have any Early Booking Discounts? I would like to Book a Workshop a month in Advance!2015-10-06T12:38:08+02:00

YES! We offer *Early Registration Discounts” -15% per Person. Applies to Registration & Payments 20 days prior Class Begin.

Can we get a group discount? There are a couple of us from my company that want to register a workshop!2015-10-06T12:38:24+02:00

YES! “Group Discounts” for 2+ participants: -10% per Person. This discount applies for 2+ Registrations at the same Class/Date.

Can I cancel my workshop class registration and get a refund?2016-10-27T10:55:15+02:00

Unfortunately Not! Because our enrollment is limited to only 12 participants for each Class, our expenses still must be met no matter how many registrants show-up. We don’t offer refunds for cancellations. However, you may postpone your Class to another date, or transfer your registration to another person by providing us written authorization.

Does the workshop fee cover hotel expenses, food or anything besides the Tuition?2015-10-06T12:39:59+02:00

Unless otherwise indicated, the workshop fee covers only the cost of the workshop tuition, WiFi & meeting room space. You’re solely responsible for your hotel expenses, other meals, travel arrangements, and any other expenses you may incur. However, all coffee breaks and beverages during class are taken care of (depending on venue, usually lunch is also included).

How will the Essential class benefit me? I’m just a beginner in search engine marketing strategies!2016-10-27T10:55:15+02:00

Our 2-day Essential Workshop will teach you the basics of search engine marketing, so that you’ll be ready to optimize your Web site as soon as you get back home! Plus, everyone in this class is a beginner, so you’ll be with a group of people who are at the same experience level as you. Take a look at the 2 day Essential Class Overview.

How will the Advanced class workshop benefit me? I’ve done some SEO before, not really a beginner!2016-10-27T10:55:15+02:00

Our 3-day Advanced Workshop will teach you much more then the basics of search engine marketing! You’ll be more confident and ready to reach relevant keyword positioning on major search engines. Everyone in this class is not a beginner, so you’ll be with a group of people who are more or less the same experience level as you. Take a look at the 3 day Advanced Class Overview. If you are still unsure which Class to choose, you will benefit most with the 5 day Master SEO Class and Save money at the same time!

I don’t know anything at all about search engine marketing. Will your workshop help me?2015-10-06T12:39:34+02:00

We offer a 2-day Essential Workshop for beginners and that’s just the basics for you! If you don’t know the basics in search engine marketing strategies, this is the workshop you need to take. Please view Prerequisites for taking the beginners Essential SEO Class: In order to get the most benefit out of the Essential Class, you’ll need a basic understanding of how to create a very simple Web page.

What prior knowledge do I need before registering a Advanced Class? Are there any prerequisites?2015-10-06T12:39:29+02:00

In order to get the most benefit out of the Advanced Workshop, you’ll need to know the Essentials and Basic “How To’s” of search engine marketing. If you have specific questions about training feel free give us a call with your questions at +385 20 312400  (workdays CET 10:00 – 12:00). We can also schedule an online chat session as well!

How can I get a discount off the price of your workshops?2016-10-27T10:55:15+02:00

If you register early enough (30 days) before class begin, you’ll get a -15% discount per person off the price of any workshop! If you are coming with a college or friend you can apply our group discount at -10% per person!

Is there any Test during your workshops? How does that work?2015-10-06T12:39:20+02:00

Yes! Every workshop participant will take an exam at the end of their class and receive a certificate! Over 90% of our students pass the exam, our job is to teach! If by any chance you do not pass, you can always retake the exam within 30 days.

Do I earn any certification in search engine marketing strategies by attending your workshop?2016-10-27T10:55:16+02:00

Yes! Attendees will earn certification in search engine marketing strategies, and they’re presented with a SEA certificate suitable for framing at the end of the workshop.

I don’t have a laptop. Can I still come to your workshop?2015-10-06T12:39:50+02:00

Certainly! We strongly encourage all participants to bring a laptop, but if you don’t have one. You can also rent a laptop from the hotel, although it may easily be cheaper if you rent a laptop from your location and bring it with you.

Can I purchase tapes of your workshops rather than attending? Or, if I attend, can I tape the workshops?2015-10-06T12:39:09+02:00

Unfortunately Not! We don’t offer tapes or allow recordings of the Search Engine Academy workshops.

How do you differ from other workshops? I’ve been hearing about local SEO training workshops!2015-10-06T12:39:05+02:00

Our Search Engine Academies successfully teach in locations across the globe over 10 years now! These workshops are announced on various Web sites, including this site for central & eastern Europe. The content (agenda) of each workshop class are almost identical at all locations. In general, the “Search Engine Academy” differs as it regularly updates the newest hands on methods. We do not sell SEO software, nor will you need it! We teach you so you gain the knowledge and feel confident doing SEO yourself.

When are your next workshops going to be held and where?2017-04-11T17:30:14+02:00

Our goal is to offer workshops in different parts of Europe every month. Check our SEA Workshop Schedules in Europe, or Upcoming Training Locations in Europe. If you are in Europe, you can push a location near you! If not, you can see all of our Global Workshop listing here.

I have a question that isn’t addressed here. What should I do?2016-10-27T10:55:16+02:00

We are glad to answer any unclear matters! If your question is not answered here, please send us your question. Thanks in advance!

I need some support arranging my Hotel accommodation at you next venue? Can you help me?2015-10-06T12:38:52+02:00

Yes! Most Hotels give us special accommodation PROMO pricing for our participants. We are glad to pass these promo codes to you, once you register your class.

I’m arriving from a country outside of the European Union. Do I need a Visa?2017-06-01T15:00:02+02:00

We strongly suggest those joining our SEO workshops in Europe and are resident in countries outside of the Euroepan Union to kindly check specific Visa Policies & Regulations at the EU Home Affairs Office