SEA Europe provides SEO Workshops & Training in Central & Eastern Europe

SEA Europe - Search Engine Academy Europe

SEA Central Office for Europe

The Search Engine Academy – Europe office is located in Dubrovnik, Croatia, E.U. SEA Europe is responsible for the organisation of training locations and implementation of the standardised curriculum of SEO workshops in Europe.

Our permanent venue Dubrovnik, Croatia provides classes throughout the year. Dubrovnik is a well known tourist destination. You may prefer this location in Spring and Fall as summer months are often too crowded with tourists. If you have any questions regarding class locations in Europe please Contact us.

S.E.A. Europe Office in the Dubrovnik Lapad area: DOC-Dubrovnik

Miho A. Karlic

Miho A. Karlic, Search Engine Academy CEEOur standardized curriculum is regularly updated! Our classes help you achieve genuine Search Engine Marketing skills. Participants obtain the freshest SEO knowledge and learn the power of on line marketing. Read what our recent students say. Miho is the CEO of small consulting firm and fluently speaks English, German, Croatian. He joined the Search Engine Academy in 2012 and is your Master Trainer in Europe. More about Miho A. Karlic