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John Alexander – Co-Founder of the Search Engine Workshops, Canada.

John AlexanderCo-Founder of the Search Engine Workshops Training and Education for Search Engine Workshops. With expertise in behavioural related keyword research, SEO skills and lateral thinking strategies.


Barry Byers – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SEO Mastery Workshops in Toronto and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.Barry Byers



Greg Mate – Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Gregory MateSEO Mastery Workshops in Quebec, Canada. Greg Mate has over 10 years experience in Web Design, Usability, Conversion Optimization covering a wide range of specialties.

Mitch Albert – Los Angeles, California, USA.

SEO Mastery Workshops in Toronto and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.Mitch Albert



Steve Scott – Tampa, Florida, USA.

SEO Mastery Workshops in the community of Tampa, Florida.Steve Scott



Ross Barefoot – Rocky Mountain, USA.

SEO Mastery Workshop trainer in the area Colorado & Utah.Ross Barefoot



Beth Kahlich – Dallas, USA.

SEO Mastery Workshops in Dallas, USA.Beth Kahlich

Miho A. Karlic – Europe (CEE)

MIho A. KarlicSEO Mastery Workshops in Central & Eastern Europe; Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden.

Fabian Lim – Singapore, Asia.

Fabian LimSEO Mastery Workshops in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines. Fabian Lim is a respected expert on keyword research, Fabian Lim has worked with industry leaders Robin Nobles and John Alexander to form the Asia Search Engine Academy to bring professional SEO, SEM and business training to the Asia market.

Sue Cooper, Queensland, Australia

Sue CooperSEO Mastery Workshops in the area Queensland, Australia. Sue teaches small groups of people all of the latest high performance skills and strategies.