Do You Have a Solid SEO Comfort Level of Skills?

Often during our SEO Classes, students ask us:
Why do we place such value on the importance of gaining a solid SEO comfort level in terms of skills? ”

This is a good question so in return, we ask:
What’s the alternative to knowing exactly what needs to be done? ”

Many reply that their philosophy wasmore or less, throwing all manner of things at the wall and see what sticks!”

We’ve heard this before and everyone has a right to their own methods but, we do not believe in such experiments: “Such a strategy seems like so much wasted time and energy for so little results!” It’s certainly no replacement for building real SEO Skills and Solid Understanding of Search Engine Marketing Techniques. Besides that, such methods can easily get your web site in trouble with Search Engines and is definitely not the way to achieve a solid SEO comfort level!

We all know that we need fresh and unique content, but with today’s search dynamics, we also need to understand what the most important digital assets are and differentiate relevancy from dangerous mystified theories. Foremost, we need to recognize the search engines as partners, not enemies and follow the newest search engine guidelines!

With all of the SEO & SEM tools, new e-books, new training, tips, and newest counsel – the single most important thing to get is “Solid Understanding“. True understanding tones your personal SEO philosophy. Your own personal philosophy towards SEO produces the present attitude you have towards procedures and processes of optimisation. The attitude you have leads to the type of activities you take part. Such activities, then lead to the results you achieve. Are you satisfied with the results you achieve?

Maybe, You’re Obsessed with SEO Tools or SEM Software?

We recommend you think about “SEO/SEM tools” as, each having a range of specific purposes (and there are some excellent tools out there to know about). Many tools are nice and often great time savers; however, it’s important to gain the essential SEO skills first, before fiddling with any SEO tools. No tools can match the human brain to create and implement a brilliant and profitable high traffic, high conversion SEO strategy. We encourage you to build your SEO comfort level manually and then if required, you can easily find tools that assist your needs best. Our Master Class includes a Bonus Package, and you’ll get an overview of recommended Tools you may need! However, you will first learn to understand what these tools actually bring and how to use them best!

People have a variety of attitudes and viewpoints about SEO & Optimisation Skills.

  • Many are looking for shortcuts.
  • Some are looking for little tricks and ways to beat the search engines.
  • Some take it as some kind of a hobby and merely dabble with it here and there.

No Tricks or Shortcuts Can Replace Real SEO Skills!

This was said many times over, but the Truth is often unpopular!

  • SEO is Not Magic! No Wizard can do it better than You!
  • No SEO Software can replace the human brain and creativity it poses!
  • Those with a Solid SEO Comfort level cope much easier with today’s Search Dynamics!

As Search Engines become more sophisticated, SEO’s do not need to be full experienced programmers or have that much coding experience. The newest Search Engine Guidelines are more Transparent then ever. Relevant and Unique Content spiced with E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) factors that Google uses to measure are becoming the Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing. What most SEO’s are missing is a prioritised Step by Step guidance of the crucial SEO segments that give you that Comfort Level of SEO Skills you need to manage Advanced Search Engine Marketing.

At the Search Engine Academy, we strongly believe that taking the time away from your daily engagements to spend a few days to learn Real SEO or, to revive your present search engine marketing skills is the best option. This is the most effective way to achieve a Solid SEO Comfort level!

View what some of our students say or, scroll through our regularly updated curriculum’s to view what you will learn at our SEO/SEM Classes. See why our workshops are so beneficial. Check the class schedules in Europe or globally, or just simply follow us on Linkedin for future updates. Looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming workshops! Easily learn the Step by Step procedures to achieve Your solid SEO comfort level of Skills!