Advanced SEO Class Overview – Search Engine Optimisation 3 Day Class

For those with basic SEO knowledge or, those that already participated in a Search Engine Academy SEO essential class, this Advanced SEO Class will extend your knowledge with more in depth understanding of advanced SEO strategies. You will learn advanced SEO topics such as; information architecture,, natural language processing (NLP), duplicate content and life after Panda. We will go through some of the most common site technical issues. We’ll cover important advanced SEO features for local SEO, mobile SEO, social media, optimising Video’s, as well as how to write quality articles, maintain trustworthiness and grow your site reputation. 3 Day Class overview follows.

All Advanced Topics – Keyword Research & Creating Effective Content – local, mobile & global.

Day 1 | Registration: 08:30 – 08:45, Welcome and Introduction of Participants: 08:45 – 09:00
Focus: Advanced Search Engine Marketing Skills | Evaluation Forms | Class End: 17:00 -17:15

   Advanced Keyword Research.
   Semantic Search.
   Resource Links.
   Natural Language Processing (NLP).
   How to Take Advantage of Themes.
   Information Architecture..
   Global Navigation System.
   Local Navigation Systems.
   Contextual Navigation Links.
   Site Search.
   Local SEO.
   Google Local.

   Google’s Venice Update.
   Data Providers, Who powers Whom?
   Submit to Top Data Providers.
   About Universal Business Listing.
   Rating Local Search Factors.
   Video SEO, Sitemap & Distribution.
   Business Listing Quality Guidelines.
   More Google Quality Guidelines.
   Keywords for Video.
   Mobile Search and SEO.
   Duplicate Content Issues.
   Crawler and Indexing Issues.

Day 2 |  08:45 – 09:00 – Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions.| Class Begin: 09:00
Focus: Google Day – Dedicated to All things Google | Evaluation Forms | Class End:17:00 -17:15

   Paid Search.
   Planning Paid Search Campaigns.
   Google Adwords.
   Google Display Ads.
   Google Plus.

   Google Authorship.
   Google Webmaster Tools.
   Google Panda & Penguin Rollouts.
   Measuring What’s Important KPI’s.
   Advanced Google Analytics.

Day 3 |  08:45 – 09:00 – Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions.| Class Begin: 09:00
Focus: Advanced SEO, CI, Social Media, Press Release, Articles, | Class End:17:00 -17:15

   Competitive Intelligence for SEO.
   Why do Competitive Intelligence?
   Off page Factors.
   How to Analyze What You Collect.
   Social Media importance.
   Social Media Platforms.
   Social Media Guidelines.
   Measure Social Media Reach. and Google. and importance.
   5 Applications.
   Site Technical Issues.
   Diagnosing Problems.
   URL Canonicalization.
   301/302 redirects.
   Source code Validation.

   Persuasive Web Copy writing.
   Anatomy of A Sales Letter.
   The Power of Article Writing.
   Life After Google Panda Update.
   Writing Quality Articles.
   Easy Ways to Market Articles.
   Creative Commons.
   Press Releases and impact.
   Tips for Press Releases.
   Optimizing Press Releases.
   Tips for Professional SEOs.
   New Customers the smartest Way.
   Build A Genuine Reputation.
   Get Clients by Proving Credibility.
   Building Powerful Proposals.
   Define & Build Your SEM Business.