Essential SEO Overview – Search Engine Optimisation 2 Day SEO Workshop Class

This Essential SEO Class is carefully put together for anyone that does not practise SEO everyday, but knows how to make a very simple website! Maybe you are a web designer that would like to understand more about SEO & how it can affect your website(s)? Maybe you use one of many popular content management systems (CMS) and, would like to understanding the basics & essential SEO aspects so you can utilise your CMS to the fullest possible degree and get your site exposure & visibility higher. This 2 Day Essential SEO Class provides Basic SEO skills! 2 Day Class overview follows.

Learn Step-By-Step, Stress-Free System & Understand the Basics of SEO to Gain Top Visibility.

Day 1 | Registration: 08:30 – 08:45, Welcome and Introduction of Participants: 08:45 – 09:00
Focus: Advanced Search Engine Marketing Skills | Evaluation Forms | Class End: 17:00 -17:15

   What is Search Engine Optimization.
   How Search Engines Work.
   Organic Versus Paid Search.
   Anatomy of a Search Results Page..

   Why Apply SEO to Your Web site.
   How to implement the basics.
   The Benefits of Doing SEO.

Day 2 |  08:45 – 09:00 – Review of Evaluation Forms and Answer Questions.| Class Begin: 09:00
Focus: Google Day – Step by Step – Stress-Free System | Evaluation Forms | Class End:17:00 -17:15

   Linking Strategies External/Internal.
   A Comparison of Various Links.
   Links and Google Penguin.
   External Linking Strategies.
   Types of Links.
   Understanding Link Diversity.
   Authority Site Links.
   Getting EDU Links.
   Building links externally to you.
   Strategy for Cleaning Up Links.
   Tips for Finding Links.
   The Power of Internal Links.
   Internal Linking Strategies.
   HTML & XML Sitemaps.

   Directory Style Sitemaps.
   No Follow Attribute.
   Absolute Versus Relative Links.
   Disavowing Links.
   Getting the Most Out of Your Blog.
   Blogging and Optimisation.
   Optimizing Your Blog Posts.
   WordPress and Optimisation.
   Increase Chances for Popular Posts.
   Understand the Value of Trackbacks.
   How to set up and use Trackbacks.
   Blog Resources.
   Blog Search Engines.
   Questions and Answers.