SEO Workshop Benefits – Learning SEO Skills Step by Step, Max 12 Participants!

The Search Engine Academy has many years of experience with participants & students from all kinds of backgrounds & levels of SEO knowledge. Some, more knowledgeable when it comes to technical issues, some less. Some have more general marketing experience, some not that much. However, if you are struggling with search engines, such as Google & Bing, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to utilise the power of SEO and get your website visibility & exposure higher, you can do this by gaining SEO skills.

Whatever your background is, regardless if an individual, business or web designer, you will benefit from the vast amount of SEO knowledge we provide. The willingness to learn what you may not know well enough, is the key to achieving best possible SEO skills! Is there any better way then, in person, step by step, in a comfortable limited group environment and away from your usual daily obligations. Only a few days and you are ready to do SEO!

  Personalized step-by-step SEO training over a few days.
  Enjoy attention to details in a limited group environment.
  Find all your SEO questions answered and stop guessing.
  Learn with personal interaction with your instructor.
  Combines teaching SEO skills with hands on processes & procedures.
  Everyone gets there Web site reviewed & is given an SEO priority plan.
  You obtain Certification in Advanced Search Engine Strategies.

  SEO Classes now closer to you! Europe, America, Asia & Australia.
  You become an independent SEO with new job opportunities.
  We do not sell SEO Software! You gain real SEO skills.

SEO Skills & Workshop Benefits

Choose a Class with SEO Skills that Suite Your Present Knowledge Level!

The Search Engine Academy has carefully put together three different Classes and the curriculum for each is updated on regular basis. Participants can easily choose to learn the basic Essentials, more Advanced or Master SEO skills. SEA Certification is awarded to all participants. Alumni Students are granted discounts and six months mentoring programs are provided to all Master SEO graduates.

You want to Master SEO! The 5 Day Master Class provides the latest SEO knowledge & advanced SEO skills! 99% Satisfied Participants!
You practise SEO & need Fresh Updates! – The 3 Day Advanced Class provides updates to enhance SEO skills! 94% Satisfied Participants!
You do not practise SEO but, you develop websites – The 2 Day Essential Class provides Basic SEO skills! 90% Satisfied Participants!