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The Search Engine Academy in Europe provides Search Engine Marketing SEM Courses in Dubrovnik. The Courses are divided in two, three and five day Classes. Venues are arranged in hotels near the Mediterranean old city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is best known for its medieval walls (UNESCO Heritage). A city rich in history and once a Nation-State (Statute from 1292 A.D.) called Republic of Ragusa. Historic scenes captivate all visitors, transporting them back in time of the Republic. At that time, Dubrovnik rivaled Venice with its maritime power and skilled diplomacyThe Republic was one of the first to officially recognize the United States in 1776.

Stunning Medieval Flair of Dubrovnik & 750+ Year Old Walled City.

No wonder the HBO hit TV Series “Game of Thrones” filmed many of its episodes in this particular old city and surrounding sights. It’s almost the perfect paradox to attend SEM Courses in Dubrovnik, whilst experiencing evenings in the 13th century old city. A truly interesting combination; on one side, courses about 21st century Art & Science of SEO, and on the other, a century old walled city of Dubrovnik or Kings Landing if you like. After courses, participants enjoy the stunning medieval sights, warm climate and typical Mediterranean cuisine. The Search Engine Academy hosts its SEM courses in Dubrovnik all year round. Most enjoy this unique and profound mixture of training and leisure! Download Game of Thrones King’s Landing map of Dubrovnik.

SEM Courses Dubrovnik city, Croatia

Flights to Dubrovnik & Accommodation

Dubrovnik is not a very large city (area population: 80 thousand), though it hosts a respectful number of tourist every year (500-600 thousand) and growing. It’s also becoming a very popular destination for various meetings and events, e.g. conferences and congresses. This is one of the reasons, Dubrovnik has the largest number of four & five star hotels with meeting facilities in Croatia. The city reaches visitor peaks mostly during the summer seasons. Hotels are very busy from late June till late September. However, Spring and Fall are the ideal time of the year to get away from busy European cities and avoid tourist crowds. Dubrovnik is the perfect place to attend SEO Training and Search Engine Marketing Courses.

A range of different types of accommodation are offered in Dubrovnik. From private rooms & apartments to budget and Luxury Hotels and Resorts. Direct flights from major hubs in Europe (Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, etc.) are scheduled throughout the year. Learn more about Dubrovnik at the official Tourist Board site. Check out the flight schedules at the Dubrovnik Airport.

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