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CroatiaHere you can view all the present SEO training classes scheduled in Croatia. The small Mediterranean city Dubrovnik has only some 80 thousand population and was once a Nation-State (Statute from 1292 A.D.) called Republic of “Ragusa”. Today the city is a well known tourist destination with over 2 million visitors p.a. The best time to participate in a SEO workshop in Dubrovnik is during late March, April, May & June or, late September, October & November. The summer peak period July & August are relatively crowded and very hot. Being in Dubrovnik during a course is a great combination of business and pleasure. This is one reason why the city Dubrovnik is among the most popular cities in Europe for corporate Incentives, meetings and conferences. If you decide to come to Dubrovnik for one of the following classes, please consider staying at least a couple of days longer or, arriving a couple of days earlier. You will not regret such a decision! To Register your SEO Workshop please choose your desired Class. More about Dubrovnik, SEA’s training location in Croatia.